project part-financed by the European Union

Romanian coast GIS Database

This pilot project´s aim is to collect data and build a database on the Romanian Black Sea coast including the two counties Constanta and Tulcea. After this process, and based on in-depth analysis, the Urbanproject team will be able to better target the conflict areas which are more in need of intervention and thus narrow the scope of the pilot project areas The pilot project area is covering the counties of Constanta and Tulcea on the Black Sea Coast. The degree of urbanization and also the population density of Constanta county is much higher than the Romanian average, while in Tulcea the population is lowest in Romania, especially due to it´s geographical and ecological particularities with Danube Delta occupying about 1/3 of the area.


  • July - Dec 2006: Collection of current policy documents
  • Mar 2007: Meta database (domains of interest, indicators, institutions collecting specific data) for GIS spatial planning in Constanta and Tulcea counties
  • May 2007: Analysis of existing protected areas in Constanta and Tulcea counties