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27th-29th March 2008

Final Conference Ravenna, Italy

Only thanks to the courtesy and hospitality of the Emilia-Romagna government this additional closing conference of the PlanCoast project, which is officially running out on 15th April 2008, could be held.

The first internal day of the meeting was dedicated to the pilot projects’ results of the PlanCoast partners. A series of short but information-loaded presentations have given all partners an overview of eachother’s activities, and more importantly, shared the experience made within the project. As far as the PlanCoast follow-up activities are concerned, the prolongation of project activities has been declared in most non-EU parter countries (due to initial contracting delays). Joint discussion focused on the practical relevance of PlanCoast „messages“ introduced by the PlanCoast Handbook on Integrated Maritime Spatial Planning. The Handbook itself was also presented in the pre-final print version at the meeting.

The second – official – day of the Ravenna conference was honoured by the speeches of Mr. Lino Zanichelli, Emilia-Romagna’s Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, as well as Mr. Andrea Mengozzi, Ravenna Province’s Minister for Environment and ICZM. European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment was also represented and so was the Barcelona Convention, Adriatic Euroregion and Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR). Mrs. Angela Schultz-Zehden presented the freshly finalised PlanCoast Hanbook on Integrated Maritime Spatial Planning.

Specific aspects of maritime planning such as sand and sediments dredging, off-shore wind parks, reinjection technologies as well as research and monitoring were handled during the afternoon session.

The study tour took PlanCoast participants to the natural reserve of the Po river delta to visit the pilot project site of the Emilia-Romanga region.

1st Day Agenda
2nd Day Agenda
1st Day Presentations: lessons learned from the pilot projects


Mrs. Valbona Simixhiu (ECAT Tirana): Vjosa-Narta pilot project

Mrs. Kasia Scibior (on bahalf of WBPP Slupsk): Debina and Stegna pilot projects

Mr. Simion Nikolaev (NIMRD Constanta): Role and responsibilities of the Romanian Comittee of the Coastal Zone: theory and practice

Mrs. Luisa Perini (Emilia-Romagna DG Environment): Emilia-Romagna GIS pilot project

Mr. Richard Lisovsky (UkrCSES): Ukrainian 12smz pilot project

Mrs. Laura Alexandrov (NIRMD Constanta): Romanian 12smz pilot project

Mrs. Valentina Dumitru (Urbanproiect): Sulina pilot project

Mr. Sasa Skrba (Neretva Canton): Neretva pilot project


Mrs. Anna Stelmaszyk (Maritime Office Gdynia): Gdansk Bay pilot project

Mr. Slavko Mezek (RRC Koper): Slovene pilot projects

Mr. Paolo Recanatini (Ancona Municipality): Palombina Beach pilot project

Mrs. Maria Romani (Emilia-Romagna DG Environment): Ferrara Coast pilot project

2nd Day Presentations


Mr. Lino Zanichelli (Emilia-Romagna Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development): Welcome (Italian language)

Mr. Giuseppe Bortone (Emilia-Romagna DG Environment, Soil and Coast Protection): Introduction to the conference

Mr. Jonathan Parker (European Commission DG Environment): ICZM in Europe

Mr. Marko Prem (PAP/RAC): Barcelona Convention and ICZM Protocol

Mrs. Angela Schultz-Zehden (s.Pro): The PlanCoast Handbook

Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs (Ministry for Transport Mecklenburg-Vorpommern): Maritime Spatial Planning in Germany - offshore wind farms and other examples

Mr. Attilio Rinaldi (Cesenatico Marine Research Centre): Monitoring on the Emilia Romagna coast

Mr. Emiliano Altavilla (ARPA Emilia-Romagna Environmental Engineering): R&D Project for a Sustainable Management of Shoreline and Sea Floor

Mrs. Simona Biagi (ENI E&P): New reinjection technologies in hydrocarbon fields


20th-22nd Nov 2007

4th PlanCoast Conference, Berlin

Climate change represents an additional challenge to the management of coastal zones. The 4th PlanCoast conference organised by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS) provided an opportunity to discuss the first results of the PlanCoast project in the context of climate change effects, growing sea-use pressures as well as current policy developments.

The main German coastal players such as the federal and regional governmental authorities, nature protection organisations, marine science and other research institutes as well as other stakeholders participated in the conference. International participants included, beside the PlanCoast partners, representatives from the Baltic Sea region (Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Russia) as well as experts from North Sea and Black Sea.

The first part of the conference gave account on positive experience as well as problems in Maritime Spatial Planning mainly in the view of lessons learned from the PlanCoast project. The presentation of the first version of PlanCoast Recommendations for planners and decision makers was followed by two PlanCoast case studies from Slovenia and Romania. The following panel discussion looked into the conditions, which trigger integrated planning actions in the different European regions of Baltic, Black, North and Adriatic Sea and the question on how to improve public participation in marine spatial planning as an effective instrument for sustainable development of coasts and seas.

The second conference section analyzed the role of research and how tools, which try to predict future developments, such scenarios/forecasts/visions can serve as a decision-making aid in maritime spatial planning. The following discussions focused on the practicability of different decision-making aids and how to bring scientists and politicians together.

The last thematic block was dedicated to the international progress in maritime policy and maritime spatial planning in the context of climate change as the major challenge. An overview of the latest EU developments with regard to the Blue Book on Maritime Policy as well as the German maritime strategy were given, before presenting up-to-date knowledge on the potential impacts of climate change on the coast. In the view of the immense negative impact of climate change on Africa, the conference offered also a perspective from that continent. The closing panel discussion tackled the question of data collection and storing mechanisms planning and management, which takes into account climate change effects. Moreover, it revealed the importance of defining an overall vision of coastal and marine development.

Conference Documentation
Programme Flyer
List of Paricipants


First Day: Internal PlanCoast Workshop

Angela Schultz-Zehden: the PlanCoast recommendations' workshop basis

Kira Gee: preparation to the workshop

Second Day

Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs (PlanCoast LP): PlanCoast contribution to Maritime Spatial Planning

Angela Schultz-Zehden (Project Coordinator): PlanCoast - Key messages

Slavko Mezek (Regional Development Center Koper): PlanCoast pilot project example 'Trieste Bay'

Victor Gheorghe (Urbanproiect): PlanCoast pilot project example 'Romanian 12smz'

Dr. Dietmar Kraft (University of Oldenburg, ICBM): Dealing with alternatives - scenarios and other decision-supporting systems

Dr. Georg-Dietrich Jansen (PLANCO Consulting): Predicting harbour development

Heidi Roberts (Atkins Consulting): Marine and coastal management in the UK: view of the local governments association

Nicole Schäfer and Iain Shepherd: The EU Blue Book - current status and next steps

Dr. Robert Kühner: Towards integrated maritime policy in Germany

Prof. Hans von Storch: Climate change and its impact on regional seas - what do we know?

Isabelle Niang: What does climate change mean for Africa?

Third Day: Study Tour Rothenklempenw and Szczecin

Timo Fichtner (University of Neubrandenburg) Regional pre-conditions for ICZM in the German-Polish Oder border region

Stefanie Maack (Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research): Coastal education & information dissemination as part of ICZM

Ralf Scheibe (University of Greifswald): Sustainable Tourism in the Oder region

Pina Springer (Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research): Regional Climate Change - Effects on water quality in the Oder estuary


20th-22nd September 2007

3rd Conference Split

The third meeting of all PlanCoast partners took place in a beautiful holiday location of Supetar on Brac island (close to Split). The organiser of this conference, PAP/RAC Croatia raised the topic of Marine Spatial Planning as a particular aspect of coastal zone managment.

In the first day panel discussion both the existing and the anticipated future sea-uses and conflicts in the Adriatic region were referred on from the perspective of each of the Adriatic partner countries. An additional lively input was provided by guest participants from Greece, Tunesia, Malta, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries united in the UNEP MAP ICZM Protocol working group, as well as members of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC).

On the second day morning session two parallel workshops took place: 1) spatial planning practical issues and 2) data collection and processing in GIS databases.

On this basis, the possible solutions in terms of a Marine Spatial Planning and its alternatives for each of the participating countries were discussed in the final panel.

These four workshops and panel discussions have pushed the work on the PlanCoast Recommendations a great deal ahead.

A perfect round–up of the meeting was provided on the last day with an educative boat–trip highlighting the multiple sea uses around the Croatian islands.

Agenda Split
Study tour flyer
Summary of the Meeting, Part 1
Summary of the Meeting, Part 2



Mr. Ivica Trumbic (PAP/RAC): Objectives of the conference

Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs: State of art of the PlanCoast project

Mrs. Kira Gee: Introduction to MSP– theoretical background

Mrs. Susan Toben: Experience of MSP in Germany

Mr. Torben Rave (Institut Raum & Energie): Experience of MSP in UK and Canada

Mr. Ivica Trumbic (PAP/RAC): UNEP–MAP ICZM Protocol and MSP

Mrs. Claudia Coman (NIMRD): Black Sea Commission ICZM–WG report

Mr. Leonardo Polonara: The DAMAS project: disaster prevention on the Adriatic

Mrs. Angela Schultz–Zehden: Conclusions and recommendations from the PlanCoast national reports: first draft


3rd-6th July 2007

Study Tour Germany

The PlanCoast Study Tour organized by the LP - Ministry of Transport, Building and Regional Development Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had an objective of sharing the German experience in Marine Spatial Planning and related GIS Data Management. Over 30 PlanCoast partners and associated specialists took part in this event.

During the first half of the meeting held in Schwerin, various aspects of Marine Spatial Planning in the 12sm zone in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were presented, such as Territoral Impact Assessment (TIA), the impact of nature protection and offshore windparks, the application of GIS and newest techniques for data generation in marine areas.

On 5th of July a guided study trip was organized around the Wismar Bay, giving a unique opportunity to view the spatial implications of the some project developments.

For the last day of the Study Tour we moved to Hamburg headquarters of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). BSH specialists gave an insight in their work as well as the development and general principles of Spatial Planning in the German EEZ.

Apart from that, an internal PlanCoast meeting took place during this Study Tour. The s.Pro team together with the ICZM expert Kira Gee presented and moderated the workshop on the PlanCoast Transnational Report (WP1), dealing with the structure and partners’ input into the report and the extended project web-site.

Study Tour Programme
List of Participants
Minutes of the lectures
4th July: Marine Spatial Planning in the 12sm Zone


Dr. Berhnard Heinrichs: TIA – Territorial Impact Assessment for offshore projects

Mr. Holger Schabelon (IfAÖ Institute for Applied Ecology): technical aspects of marine ecosystem research for spatial planning

Dr. Jürgen Autsch: Fishery and nature protection in the 12smz

5th July: PlanCoast Transnational Report (WP1)


Mrs. Angela Schultz-Zehden and Mrs. Kira Gee: Transnational Study

Mrs. Kasia Scibior: PlanCoast website development

6th July: BSH Workshop on Marine Spatial Planning


Dr. Nico Nolte: The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)

Mr. Manfred Zeiler: GIS for the Marine Spatial Planning

Mrs. Susanne Endrulat: Marine Spatial Planning in the German EEZ

31th May-2nd June 2007

2nd Conference Constanta

The second conference of all PlanCoast Partners took place in the sea-side resort Eforie Nord near Constanta, Romania. It was a very successful meeting in terms of experience exchange within the PlanCoast pilot projects on Sea-Use-Planning and Coastal Planning in the participating countries. The additional contributions of Romanian experts on ICZM-related issues provided a lively input into general discussions.

PlanCoast input into the Green Paper of EU Maritime Policy, as well as the further proceedings of the project were discussed in this meeting. On the closing day a boat-trip through the Danube Delta - a pilot project site within PlanCoast - was organized.

Conference Programme
List of Participants
Pictures of the Conference
First Day: ICZM Challenges in Romania


Mrs. Mary Jeanne Adler: ICZM Progress in Romania

Mrs. Irene Lucius: ICZM Experience in the EU

Mr. Bernhard Heinrichs: Introduction into the PlanCoast Project

Mrs. Susan Toben: German Experience in Sea-Use-Planning

Mr. Robbert Misdorp: Dutch Experience in Land-Use Planning

Mrs. Nicoleta Dogaru: Constanta Harbour Development Master Plan

Mr. Janos Talpas and Mr. Cristi Frent: Coastal Tourism in Romania

Mr. Silviu Matei: JICA Project on Coastal Protection in Romania

2nd Day: PlanCoast Activities


Mrs. Kasia Scibior: ICZM Criteria for Spatial Plans in Poland

Mr. Victor Gheorghe: Romanian Pilot Projects Progress

Mr. Marcin Grzybinski: Polish Pilot Projects Progress

Mr. Tadej Zilic: Slovenian Pilot Projects Progress

Mrs. Luisa Perini: Emilia-Romagna WP2 Pilot Project Progress

Mrs. Katia Raffaelli: Emilia-Romagna WP4 Pilot Project Progress

Mrs. Petya Nestorova: Bulgarian Pilot Projects Progress

Mr. Olexandr Neprokin: Ukrainian Pilot Project Progress

Mr. Marko Prem: PlanCoast National Reports: Status Quo

Mrs. Kerstin Greiling: PlanCoast Transnational Study

Mrs. Susan Toben: PlanCoast Contribution to EU Green Paper on Maritime Policy


26th-28th March 2007

Meeting Montenegro

Another regional PlanCoast meeting was held in Kotor (Montenegro).

Partners representing the Adriatic Sea Region reported about the progress of their work in the PlanCoast project and discussed urgent procedural issues.

Summary of the meeting
Pictures of the meeting
Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs presentation
Angela Schultz-Zehdens presentation
Emilia Romagna progress report
PAP/RAC progress report
Morsko Dobro progress report


12th-13th March 2007

Meeting Varna

Partners representing the Black Sea Region met in Varna to report about the progress of their work in the PlanCoast project and discuss some urgent procedural issues.

This meeting was very important in terms of discussing in detail the contracting questions relevant to Bulgaria and Romania.

As documentation of this meeting two presentations of Mrs. Angela Schultz-Zehden are available for download:

PlanCoast and EU Maritime Strategy
PlanCoast National Reports


12th-15th July 2006

Kick-off Conference Ancona 12th-15th July 2006

The Kick-Off Meeting of PlanCoast took place in the beautiful Ancona, Italy.

On this meeting the goals, the rules and procedures of the project were discussed. The four Working Groups: Recommendations, GIS, Spatial Planning in ICZM and Maritime Planning was constituted and started their work.

A study trip was accomplished in the northern area of Ancona including meetings with local stakeholders of Riviera del Conero.

On 15th of July some of the PlanCoast participants joined the meeting of the ICZM Expert Group of Adriatic Forum in Palombina.

List of Participants
Conference Programme
Pictures of the conference
First Day


Dr. Klaus Sühl Opening Speech

Marko Prem: The UNEP-MAP ICZM

Piero Remitti: The Adriatic Forum ICZM
Working Group

Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs: The Baltic Sea
Spatial Planning in ICZM and Sea Use Planning

Susan Toben: ICZM Strategy development
processes. The PlanCoast input in Work
Package 1

Second Day


Adriatic Forum
All contributions

Brian Shipman: ICZM in Europe: the state
of art and current approaches

Antonio Pusceddu: Palombina Beach: the
scientific approach (Italian language)

Bruno Cardilli: Palombina Beach: the
stakehoders approach

Piero Remitti: Next steps of the ICZM
Expert Group (Italian language)