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Emilia-Romagna GIS

The Coast Information system (SIC) was implemented as part of the EU Cadsealand Project (2004-2006) in order to support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management programme carried out by Emilia-Romagna regional authority during last 4 years. The database design was referred to the guidelines issued by European Commission within EUROSION programme (eu commission, 2004). Currently SIC contains most important topics referable to the physical coastal system (geology, geomorphology, land use, etc) and tools for coastal risk evaluation. Within Plancoast project the GIS procedures and set of other data required by spatial planning processes in coastal and maritime zones will be difined and aquired. In the second stage this data will be applied in the Plancoast pilot project in WP4 (Sea-Use-Planning)


  • Nov 17th 2006: Regional Conference- presentation of the working progress of the GIS coastal database (SIC) in Emilia-Romagna
  • Dec 2006: Identification of data demands in respect to WP2 and WP4 pilot projects
  • Oct 2007: Operating GIS tools to support WP4 pilot project
  • June 2008: Operating GIS tools to support planning processes at regional scale

Download section

  • PPT of the Regional Conference (Italian language version): Il Sistema Informativo della Costa un supporto alla pianificazione territoriale