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Albanian coast GIS - Vlora

albanian coast vlora

Pilot project area is located in the Vlora district. The area presents a wide variety of physical, climatic, economic and social elements, which all together create interesting conditions for the development of tourism.

As a result of the increase of the number of inhabitants in the coastal zone, and tourism and commercial activities, there is an increase of quantity of pollution load of wastewater discharged in the streams, rivers, and coastal lagoons.

A GIS database for ICZM monitoring and special planning system will be created.

Inventory of current and future use dements and development potations will be prepared.


  • June 2006 – November 2006: Collection and assessment of current coastal-related practices and their use in coastal management policies
  • June 2006 – October 2007: Creating a GIS database for ICZM monitoring and spatial planning system for Albania coast
  • September 2006 – November 2007: Prognosis on land use and planning based on priorities identified by various stakeholders and users