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Work Package 1


Within the EU recommendation for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) all EU Member States have been requested to submit National ICZM Strategies. Those will form the basis for the ICZM chapter within the EU Green Book on Maritime Policy. Also other transnational organizations such as UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan and the Black Sea Commission are at the moment in the process of elaborating their ICZM strategies.

Plan Coast is going to assess the current ICZM and Maritime Planning preconditions by the means of:

  • National reports
  • A transnational, comparative study on the role of Spatial Planning in ICZM in the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Sea.

PlanCoast conferences, working groups and transnational studies will support an exchange of experience among the organisations active in the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Sea.


Other outputs of this Working Group will be:

Exchange of ICZM Best Practice

  • Best Practice Handbook
  • Guidelines on ICZM implementation for other regions
  • Recommendations for regional ⁄ national ⁄ transnational authorities

Information and lobbying for ICZM

  • Recommendations to major transnational organisations such as European Union (ICZM Expert Group), UNEP-MAP, Black Sea Commission, etc.
  • Exchange of experience with VASAB 2010+, Helcom, Baltic 21, Adriatic Forum, etc.

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ICZM Strategy Development Processes:
The PlanCoast Input in WP1